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Embracing Sustainability: Our Commitment to Plastic-Free Packaging

In a world where environmental consciousness is paramount, every step towards sustainability counts. At HUNTER + ROSE, we are proud to announce our commitment to 100% plastic-free packaging. From biodegradable garment bags crafted from corn starch to reusable production boxes, every element of our packaging reflects our dedication to minimising our ecological footprint.

The Rise of Plastic-Free Packaging

Plastic pollution poses a significant threat to our planet, with devastating consequences for marine life, ecosystems, and human health. Recognising the urgency of this global crisis, we made the conscious decision to eliminate plastic entirely from our packaging materials. 

Biodegradable Garment Bags: A Natural Solution

Our journey towards plastic-free packaging begins with our innovative biodegradable garment bags, which are made from corn starch. Unlike traditional plastic bags that linger in landfills for centuries, these bags decompose naturally, leaving behind no harmful residues. By choosing biodegradable alternatives, we are reducing the demand for fossil fuels and minimising our impact on the environment.

Paper Mailing Bags: Sustainable Shipping Solutions

In addition to our biodegradable garment bags, we exclusively utilise paper mailing bags sourced from reputable companies. These bags are not only recyclable but can also be used again as they have a double layer of glue. 

Reusable Production Boxes: Closing the Loop

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we actively promote the reuse of production boxes whenever possible. By extending the lifespan of these boxes through multiple shipments, we minimise the need for additional packaging materials and reduce unnecessary waste. Through simple yet effective initiatives like box reuse, we are demonstrating our dedication to circular economy principles and encouraging others to adopt similar practices.


Our transition to 100% plastic-free packaging is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Through the use of biodegradable garment bags, paper mailing bags, and reusable production boxes, we are leading by example and inspiring positive change within our industry. Join us on this journey towards a plastic-free world, where every choice we make has a lasting impact on the planet we call home.



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